My Birthdays

My Birthdays for Android is an application to manage and be notified of the birthdays of your friends/contacts on your Android device.
--> Full compatibility with Android 1.5 and above.
--> Available in : english, french and spanish

It enables you to :
    - Create birthdays dates for your existing contacts
    - Create contacts and then affect them a birthday
    - For those who have Android 2.0+, see contacts who already have a filled birthday date, and have the possibility of modifying it
    - Be notified of birthdays (with or without vibration)
    - Contact your friends for their birthday by : phone, SMS or email
    - Change the delay of notifications (up to 3 weeks before)
    - See upcoming birthdays within aplication list or on a homescreen wiget
    - Backup your birthdays database (manually and automatically)
    - Restore your birthdays database if needed

Future updates will bring :
    - More languages if someone wants to help me out
    - Syncing birthdays with Facebook
    - Adding reminder for your friends birthdays on your calendar
    - SMS and email templates for wishing happy birthdays
    - graphically enhanced widget
    - another widget with more info
    - ... any other suggestion will be appreciated, address it to

All of those things for only 0.6 euro !!

Main screen :

Preferences screen :

Data restore screen :

Widget :

Notifications :

Contact window :